Bakar sulfat kristal

(Crystal for solution)

  • CLASS Fungicide, bactericide, algicide
  • Description PROTECTIVE FUNGICIDE in the form of a crystal for solution, blue in color
  • Manufacturer Chemical Industry Župa, Kruševac
  • Active substance Copper in the form of COPPER (II) SULPHATE PENTAHYDRATE CuSO4 x 5 H2O
  • Active substance content 250 g copper / kg preparation
  • Formulation Crystal for solution
  • Effect Foliar fungicide with preventive activity, non-specific effect. It prevents spore germination and has a wide range of effects on phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria. It is used for the preparation of Bordeaux mixture (1kg of bluestone + 0.5kg of slaked or 1kg of quick​lime) for suppressing the causative agents of diseases in grapevine plantations, fruit and vegetable crops.
  • Waiting period 14 days for hops, potatoes and tomatoes
    21 day for onions and stone grape varieties
    28 days for wine grape varieties and vegetables (except for the cabbage family)
    42 days for the cabbage family
    For fruit trees provided by the time of application
  • Dose / concentration 1 - 2% depending on the crop and the causative agent of the disease Application Grape vine, apple, pear, peach, sour cherry, cherry, almond, potato, tomato, onion, cabbage, celery and hops.
  • Packaging 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg


  • Šandora Petefija bb, 37000 Kruševac
  • Milutina Milankovića, 25v, 11070 Belgrade

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  • Belgrade +381 11 711 6045
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    • Identification number: 07194480
    • PIB: 100259243
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