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SC Suspension concentrate

  • CLASS Fungicide
  • Description Non-systemic fungicide with a protective effect
  • Manufacturer Chemical Industry Župa, Kruševac
  • Active substance CAPTAN
  • Active substance content 480g captan / liter
  • Formulation SC Suspension concentrate
  • Effect Contact fungicide with a protective effect. The mechanism of action is based on inhibiting respiration, that is, SH enzymes. Pathogens do not develop resistance.
  • Waiting period 21 days for apple
  • Dose / concentration 0.25% (25 ml in 10 l of water)
  • Application Used in apple seedlings as a non-systematic fungicide to suppress the causative agent of apple leaf spots and fruit scabs (Venturia inaequalis)
  • Packaging 50ml, 250 ml, 1 l

ŽUPAVENT is used as a non-systemic contact fungicide with a protective effect on suppression of the causative agent of apple leaf spots and fruit scabs (Venturia inaequalis), preventively, during vegetation, before the conditions for infection are met. The liquid formulation of SUSPENSION provides a better dispersion in the treatment solution and the coverage of the treated surfaces, which is very important for contact fungicides. Active substance CAPTAN acts by preventing infectious disease and fructification-pathogen fruiting. Active substance CAPTAN acts in several places in the pathogen cell, whereby the pathogen does not develop resistance. CAPTAN is a very strong spore germination inhibitor. CAPTAN is a fungicide of a broad range of effects and is used to control the cause of fungal diseases.

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  • Acid reactions insecticides (dimethoate, dichlorophos, heptenophos),
  • Bordeaux and sulfur-lime mixture,
  • Oil and EC formulations.


  • It can be phytotoxic if applied at higher temperatures in combination with dimethoate-based preparations.
  • It can cause changes in the appearance of the fruit of some varieties of apples (Red Delicious) and pears (D'Anjou) if applied in the phase of blossom end and fruit formation, and especially if applied with preparations based on sulfur.

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