Bordeaux mixture s 20

bordovska corba

(Wettable Powder)

  • Class Fungicide, bactericide
  • Description PREVENTIVE FUNGICIDE in the form of a wettable powder, blue in color
  • Manufacturer Chemical Industry Župa, Kruševac
  • Active substance Mixture of COPPER (II) SULPHATE AND CALCIUM HYDROXIDE
  • Active substance content: 200 g copper / kg preparation
  • Formulation Wettable powder
  • Effect Foliar, contact fungicide with preventive effect. It prevents pathogenic spore germination. A wide range of effects on phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria.
  • Waiting period 21 days for table grape varieties, 28 days for wine grape varieties
  • Dose / concentration 1.5 % (150 g per 10 l of water). It is applied preventively
  • Application Used and for suppression of grapevine downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) in grapevine plantation only after flowering (in phenophases of the 11-79 BBCH scale), after the appearance of the first spots of primary infections, and prior to meeting the conditions for secondary infections and the spread of the disease.
  • Packaging 150 g, 250 g, 1 kg


Plant Type of pathogen Time of application Concentration of application Waiting period Quantity of water  
Grapevine Grapevine downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) Preventively in phenophases of the 11-79 BBCH scale depending on the need 1.5%

21 days for table grape varieties

28 days for wine grape varieties
600-1000 l  


Bordeaux mixture S-20 Župa is used in grapevine plantations to suppress grapevine downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola).

It is at a concentration of 1.5% with a water consumption of 600 to 1000 liters per hectare.


Copper ions from BORDEAUX MIXTURE are gradually released under the influence of amino carbon and hydroxy acids and their salts located on the surface of the plant. Copper ions are deposited in pathogenic cells affecting it toxically and preventing pathogenic spore germination.
The mechanism of action is non-specific so that the pathogens do not acquire resistance.

The effect of copper in grapevines influences the strengthening of grape berry epidermis and lower rates of cracking during the heavy rainfall in the phenophase of maturation, as well as better maturation of the grapevine offshoots and better resistance to winter frosts. It is desirable to apply it to the latest treatments in vineyards.
It has good resistance to rainfall washing off.

Mix with sulfur preparations.
Do not mix with other pesticides.
It can be phytotoxic if applied in cold and humid weather and after the allowed period for application.
Do not allow livestock (domestic animals) to access treated areas at least 21 days from application.

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