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  • EC Emulsifiable Concentrate
  • Class Insecticide and acaricide
  • Description NON-SYSTEMIC insecticide from the Pyrethroid group with contact and digestive effect
  • Manufacturer Chemical Industry Župa, Kruševac
  • Active substance LAMBDA CYHALOTHRIN
  • Active substance content 25g / liter of preparation
  • Formulation EC Emulsifiable Concentrate
  • Effect The preparation acts as a contact and digestive insecticide. It is characterized by a very fast effect, acts by contact, causing a rapid paralysis of the nervous system.
  • Waiting period 35 days for wheat
  • Dose / concentration 0.2l / ha
  • Application For the control of harmful insects in agricultural crops
  • Packaging 50ml, 200ml

Application of Lambda 2.5-EC:

Plant Type of pathogen Time of application Concentration of application Quantity of water


Cereal leaf beetle

Lema melanopus
At the time of appearance of young larvae 0.2 l/ha

200-400 l/ha

Lambda2.5 EC is the most effective insecticide of Pyrethroid group.
It is used successfully for suppressing pests in agricultural crops.
Lambda-cyhalothrin has a wide range of effects and is intended for the control of harmful species in agricultural crops

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  • The preparation can be mixed with a large number of insecticides.
  • It must not be mixed with Bordeaux mixture and alkaline reaction products.


  • The preparation can be applied up to two times in one year, on the same ground.

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